Workout and beer

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Fortunately for me, this week only has five days of workouts, so I thought I’d celebrate by having a beer after I was done.  I didn’t even wait for my heart rate to go down before having a refreshing black mocha stout, not that Ultra crap that wimpy Lance Armstrong drinks after his workouts.

Of course I stopped at one, right?  Um, no.  I went crazy and had a second — I know I’m a total rebel, and I guess two beers in a night isn’t bad in the grand scheme of things, considering that I was drinking two of those every night.

Beer helps you recover after your workout, isn’t that right?  And the post-workout buzz isn’t bad, either.

I ate this week’s usual sandwich for breakfast, a grilled chicken sandwich with swiss and a side of broccoli, and I have no idea what I ate for dinner but I know it wasn’t horrible for me whatever it was.  Somewhere in there were some almonds and apples for snacks, I’m sure.

Oh, and I did not have any Cheez-Its.

Nothing to see here

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I finished my ab-only workout and was sitting here drinking some delicious water, because supposedly that’s what in-shape people drink.  I really want a beer, but it’s past 11:30 pm and I need to go to bed soon, and I don’t think it’s good to be drinking those empty calories, especially this late.  What the hell are empty calories anyway, and why can’t I have some?  Are you trying to tell me that man cannot live on beer alone?

So today was pretty uneventful as far as the workout and diet went.  The ab-only stuff was good and let me know that I do indeed still have abs and they do react to being worked.  Those hip raises are getting easier, and I still don’t enjoy the second set of bicycle kicks.  I laugh at 35-second planks, but the 60-second variety on regular workout days laugh right back at me.

The only deviation from my diet was that I had a grilled chicken sandwich with swiss cheese and a side of broccoli at Applebee’s while having lunch with a former co-worker.  Lunch sounded like this – nom nom nom nom.

Now move along, there’s nothing to see here…


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Cheez-Its are amazing.  They are clearly the superior cheesy snack cracker, making the Cheese Nip seem like a Bud Light after drinking a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.  It’s not even close folks, so don’t waste your time trying to convince me that any other square, cheesy cracker offers the same joy as that of a Cheez-It.  Even one Cheez-It is enough.  Well, almost.

Just when you thought that Cheez-Its couldn’t be beat, what did they do?  They invented the White Cheddar Cheez-It!  Have you had these? OMG, they are incredible, and I really think I could rub that white cheddar goodness on just about anything to make it taste infinitely better.

As you might imagine, I had some Cheez-Its today, and I’m damn glad I did.  I even discussed their finer qualities with a friend of mine, that’s how obsessed I am with them.  Do they make t-shirts?  Flannel pajama pants?  If not, they should, and right now.

I need to snap back to reality instead of my Cheez-It fantasy world, I need to be in the place of where I am attempting to get ripped instead of trying to undo my progress by laying on a bed of Cheez-Its.

Yeah, so breakfast was a turkey sandwich and an apple — yes, I had a sandwich for breakfast because I had to rush out the door and it was all I had at work.  I had a snack of almonds and a Diet Dr. Pepper, and for lunch I had an apple and another turkey sandwich, the excitement of which was dampened by my earlier turkey sandwich.  I had another apple with some peanut butter for a snack, and dinner was microwaved leftover moo goo gai pan.  Did I spell that correctly?  I’m too lazy to Google it, so that spelling will have to stay.  Oh yeah, I had a handful of Cheez-Its, too.

My workout, a repeat of Monday’s workout, went pretty well.  I increased some reps on my shoulder presses, but my quads & shoulders were still burning like they were injected with Cheez-It powder.  And I found out that those newfound muscles still exist.


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I watched Lost tonight while I did my ab-only routine (I don’t think I have that outlined anywhere except in an early post from last week, and I’m really too lazy to go find it right now.  So maybe go to week 4 and find the workout routine from there and it’s at the end of the PDF.  Go ahead and look, I’ll wait).  So, yeah, I did that and it was good, the abs feel great and exercised, and I’m sure you’re glad to hear that.  And Lost still is an awesome and confusing show.

I’m rambling, I can’t really remember what I ate, but I do remember that I was disciplined and had a turkey sandwich for breakfast, an apple for snack, a steak and cheese quesadilla and a few chips for lunch, but I’m not sure about dinner.  I think it was pork but I could be mistaken, or maybe that was the night before.

I think I’m done here, the rambling is clearly going nowhere, so I’ll hit the Publish button and call it a day.

New muscles

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I found some new muscles today.  I don’t really know what you call them, but at the moment I’d call them the pretty damn sore muscles in the front of my shoulders and the pretty damn sore muscles in my thighs.  I always thought my thighs were pretty strong and didn’t need much work until a little while ago.  This whole working out thing really exposes your weaknesses.  Oh yeah, that’s the point, right?

So this is the start of week 6 and I have a few stats for anyone interested in not seeing much of a change.  Just move along, nothing to see here…


  • Weight: 156.2 lb (70.9 kg), a slight loss
  • Body fat: 20.9%

As far as my eating went today, it wasn’t too exciting — for breakfast I had scrambled eggs, a banana, and coffee.  Snack was almonds & a Diet Dr. Pepper, followed quickly by a turkey and cheese on multi-grain bread and an apple for lunch. Snack was a handful of almonds, then I sort of raced home for leftover spicy Chinese food, no rice, and water for dinner.  During my workout, I had a “snack” of ~25g whey protein in 8 oz of milk and lots of water.

I really need to workout earlier in the day because starting it late in the evening is just not a good idea.  Someone suggested getting up bright and early at 6:00 am and “just getting it done” and I think I told them that I’m not a morning person at all and it probably wasn’t going to happen.  So that leaves me lunch, which is much more palatable to me because I’m actually awake at that time.

Here’s a video of this week’s workout for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but I have some comments before you watch.  The “explosive” push ups do indeed make you feel like you’re going to explode, the split squat jump or whatever he calls them hurt like hell at about number 36, my pull-ups need a lot of work, and he’s really concentrating on shoulders and they burned like someone was experimenting on me when I was finished.  All in all, I can honestly say that I’m glad I finished, but I would rather have drank beer on the couch while watching The Biggest Loser.

Heart day

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So today was Valentine’s Day and my day off from exercising, and I guess it was also a day off from common sense because I had one or four pieces of dark chocolate today.  Can you believe I got so reckless?  I know dark chocolate is supposed to be better for you and even provide some sort of health benefits, but I’m too lazy to look it up right now.  Isn’t that sorry that I’m too lazy to click on the new tab button, type in “dark chocolate health benefits” and then press Enter?  Hell, I just did the search without actually doing it and I still don’t know the health benefits of dark chocolate.

I ate a decent breakfast — eggs and bacon and strawberries, and lots of coffee made with the usual Splenda and half and half.  Yeah yeah, I know.  I don’t think I really ate lunch, but I played with my boys a lot and relaxed and had a great day, then had some spicy Chinese food and splurged with fried rice and an Amstel Light.  I know I’m going kinda crazy with the diet over the last two days, but week 6 is going to be much more disciplined, or at least that’s my intention.


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I really thought I had posted about today’s ab-only workout already, but apparently old age is already setting in and my brain is turning to the consistency of Rice Krispies.  Snap, Krackle, F*ck!  Notice how I kept it clean for the younger crowd — I never know if my nephew will be reading any of my senseless ramblings.

Instead of doing my usual bullet point listings of my menus, I’m going to describe them in the most exciting way that I can.  Of course that hides anything bad that I ate and I think that is precisely the point.  I honestly don’t remember what I had for breakfast, but considering that I slept in really late, I think that I just headed straight into lunch, which I don’t really remember either.  I know I had some cottage cheese and strawberries at some point, lots of coffee, some almonds, water, and Coke Zero.  I know for certain that I had pot roast and vegetables and a black mocha stout beer for dinner, but no dessert.  Well that beer was definitely dessert because I’ve barely had any beer in the last five weeks so any beer is a luxury for me.

Oh, I almost forgot — I did my ab-only routine tonight and it went great.  Those hip raises are getting easier, but the bicycle kicks haunt me now.  Mountain climbers and planks are starting to almost feel like a vacation by the pool, so that’s good.  I’m sure I have lots of fun in store for me next week, but at least I’ve got five weeks under my belt.


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Thankfully, my workouts can be done completely indoors, except for my intervals because I lack a decent treadmill and don’t see one in my near future.  Since we got “blasted” with 2-3 inches of snow, I worked out in the family room while watching Swamp Loggers.  Did I skip my intervals?  Uh, yeah, I did.  I didn’t want to chance a stupid, nocturnal accident near the end of week 5, so I thought it better to wait.

The last few days have not been my best — there was a potluck lunch at work and I had two incredible butterscotch, coconut, chocolate chip things mixed with all kinds of other goodness.  I had shrimp, too, so it wasn’t all bad.  I was good at breakfast, but I didn’t have enough water.  I haven’t been having enough water lately, and I know I need to improve on that.

But I have done all of my workouts and all of my ab-only stuff, so that part has been great this week.  I only did one interval so far this week, but I think I’ll make that up tomorrow.  I guess the important thing is that I’ve gotten this far, which is why I pressed myself so hard in the beginning — to get to this spot so I wouldn’t want to turn back, to give up.  I have eleven weeks to go, I wish I was further along than I am, but I think that by the end of sixteen weeks it will be worth it.

Adjustments need to be made in my diet — I think I’m doing pretty well, but some days I know I don’t eat enough at the right times and sometimes I think I eat too late and don’t consume enough water and get enough sleep.  I’ll keep moving forward, recognize where I’m not doing well, adjust accordingly, and hope that everything works itself out in the end.

My diet was pretty much the average of what I’ve been doing, except that I did slip and have those two awesome cookie bar things, and some toast at dinner (I had “breakfast for dinner”).  I’ll see if I can find the recipe for you all so you know what I’m talking about, but I warn you that you’ll probably want to bake up a batch and cheat a little yourself.

Next level

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I never thought I’d say this, but I think I might have to go to the Advanced level of the ab-only workout.  Now don’t think I’m getting all cocky and that I’m the ultimate ab guy or anything even close to that because some of the stuff is still really challenging, especially the hip raises followed by the damn bicycle kick.  Those two things in a row actually make me look forward to mountain climbers followed by my old friend the plank.  But the plank is now becoming more of a rest period for me so I might have to kick it up a notch or not rest as much in between exercises.  I’m resting for about 25 seconds between exercises, so maybe only resting for 10-15 seconds, just long enough to catch my breath, will be more challenging.

Does this mean that I’m going to kick it up a notch on the regular workout?  Um, no.  I often will do one or two more reps if I can, or go for three or four extra seconds on some things just to push myself, but for the workouts are challenging for me so I’m not going to try to be Mr. Too Cool For The Room, especially when I’m the only one in it.

As far as my menu goes, see yesterday’s, because that’s pretty much what I ate today.  Is that lazy or what?  :-)

Shaky legs

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On Monday, I replied to a comment and said that when I was doing those one-legged push ups on the exercise ball that I was shaking like a wet poodle.  I went to Google Image Search to look for a wet poodle and nothing interesting came up, so I did a search on “shaky legs” and the picture that I posted was the first result.  That’s right, shaky legs, just like in the picture.

I feel like that now, shaky after another good workout.  This week’s routine really works the legs, and I hope he knows what he’s doing so I can burn off these damn love handles.  I’m sure it will work, but I’m getting impatient.  Then again, it took years of practice to strap on the old love handles, didn’t it?


  • cottage cheese with blueberries
  • 1 cuppa coffee
  • 1 banana


  • 1/4 cup almonds
  • Diet Dr. Pepper


  • sliced turkey & cheese on 15-grain bread with some mayo & spicy brown mustard
  • 1 apple w/peanut butter
  • water


  • more almonds, probably not 1/4 cup (and by that I mean less)
  • water


  • baked teriyaki chicken
  • lots of peas
  • some carrots
  • water