Week 13, Part Deux

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It’s been forever and a day since I last posted, but you can be sure that I have been keeping up with the workouts.  As we left off after the last post, the rippedGeek was busy with work and dizziness, and both have subsided since then.  Work is now just work instead of feeling like one of those guys who got stuck building pyramids in Egypt — except I was the guy at the heavy end of one of those large blocks being pushed up the ramp, not the guy saying, “You there, push a bit harder, please.”

The dizziness eventually went away, which was a relief that it was most likely some anomaly involving my inner ear instead of something more serious like a stroke or a Bret Michaels-like bleed out at my brain stem.  I’ll take inner ear problems any day over my brain bleeding.

Which brings me to week 13.  Ah, the dreaded week 13.  I had completed two of the three workouts of that week, but completing the third one seemed impossible to me for some reason so I decided to just start over and complete it like a man instead of wimping out and moving on to week 14 like I really wanted to.  The workout was a circuit training workout and it was what you might call kind of punishing at times.  Twelve exercises in a row for 45 seconds, repeat for 30 seconds, then again for 20 seconds.  The 45 and 30 second durations seemed forever while I was doing them, and the whole thing was quite an ordeal instead of the “yeah, this is tough but not horrible” experience that I usually have.

Since I haven’t posted any stats for a while, here is what I charted yesterday:

  • Weight – 154.6 lb (70.1 kg)
  • Body fat – 20.5%
  • BMI – 23.5

That’s not bad, because I had actually gained some weight since my last stats posting, ballooning up to 157 lb and close to 20.8 or 20.9% body fat.  Maybe it was all the crap I was eating or the beer I was drinking while I was nursing my inner ear, but it was starting to look like the party was over for me, as far as actually being able to post good numbers was concerned.

Check out the week 13 workout video below and you’ll see why it was such a chore for me to complete.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot that I am now able to do 5 or 6 chin ups without any assistance, but the pull ups still leave quite a bit to be desired because I can only do 2 or 3 of those.  My goal is 5 of those for now, I’ll worry about 10 later.

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  1. I wonder what the record is for inactivity on a blog?

    Here’s some entertainment while we all anxiously await another post…..



  2. Here’s another video to keep everyone amused.



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