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I think this is the first time that I’ve had a haiku written in reference to me, and I must admit that I laughed out loud, especially at the Twitter hash tag.  Obviously I’m not blogging enough, because this is what Rob McKillip wrote about me on Twitter tonight…

Ripped Geek used to blog
beer instead of exercise
A ripped geek no more

And the #RippedGhaiku hash tag was icing on the cake.  Very well done, Rob!

Okay, so I’m definitely guilty of not being a good blogger lately, but I have been doing all of the workouts and have improved on my diet since my last post.  Well, for the most part.  Easter gets me every time, how on Earth can I resist all of that damn chocolate?  And of course there’s the Easter Poker game with the neighborhood guys that also comes with beer.  You mean you don’t do that?  Well I usually drink about 6 or 7 beers during a typical game, but this time I only drank 3, so you can see the improvements I’m making in that department.

I haven’t weighed in a while, I think I’m afraid to at this point.  But I know I need to so I can make any necessary adjustments, so that will be in my next blog post, which will be sooner than 5 days and 22 hours from now.

Here was the week 12 workout, nothing much different from week 11 and I can safely say that I don’t really like circuit training — it’s so tiring.  :-)  Oh, and I still completely suck at pull ups, but I vow to keep at it until I can do 5 of them.  After that, I’ll shoot for 10.  While you’re waiting for that, which may be a while, check out the week 12 video while I prepare for week 13…

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  1. Weight 193 (a little high)

    Breakfast: Peanut butter and butter on wheat toast, 24 oz diet mt dew

    Lunch: Pork chop sandwich, 1/3lb hot dog and 12 oz diet dr. Pepper all from the concession stand at son’s soccer games

    18 mile bike ride on my Cannondale T900 – 24oz water laced with diet mt. dew

    couple vanilla wafers
    12 oz skim chocolate milk
    bowl of cheesy potatoes

    Supper: Buffet at fund raiser lots of good food, had some of everything and seconds of the really good stuff. About 5 beers.

    Bought a bunch of crap at the charity auction – highlight was the football signed by all the 2009 Green Bay Packers.

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