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I didn’t realize just how slack I have been in my posting until faithful reader Rob made me aware that it’s been five days since I posted, and he reminded me a day ago.  To perpetuate my slackness, I’ll do my best to summarize the past six days in as few words as possible.

The good news is that I did everything in last week’s workout except for one of the intervals, which means I worked my upper body on Monday and Thursday, and my lower body on Tuesday and Friday.  OK, I lied — I actually did my second lower body workout on Saturday because something was going on on Friday, either working late or something that prevented me from really working out.  The one thing I found out by doing that — try to follow the damn schedule, it’s there for a reason.  My legs were sore on Sunday and a little into Monday, and I would have preferred to have the whole weekend to rest.

As far as last week’s diet went, I was good except for two beers on Friday night and one on Saturday.  Other than that, I’ve been eating good meals, not snacking on crap, but I actually have been skipping some healthy snacks, which I don’t like doing.  So this week I’m going to concentrate on sticking with healthy snacks of fruit and nuts, and increasing my water intake, which is always a problem for me.

Oh yes, I have new stats for the start of week 8, so let me get right to that…

  • Weight: 156.0 lb (70.8 kg), a slight loss
  • Body fat: 20.8%, a slight loss

I think my love handles are smaller, but I’m not 100% sure.  Another 8.5 weeks will tell, right?

For this week’s workouts, it’s again broken into two separate categories — upper body on Monday and Thursday, lower body on Tuesday and Friday.  I’ll be doing my best to follow the schedule so I’m fully recovered for week 9.

This week’s upper body workout featured another porn movie audition move called the Spiderman Pushup.  The best way I can describe it is imagine yourself fully engaged in the missionary position while simultaneously trying to wipe dog poop off your shoes.  Let’s not split hairs and ask why you’d have dog pooped shoes on while “fully engaged”, just humor me.  Other than that gem of an exercise, the rest of the moves were pretty normal and not terrible except for the damn pull ups.  I’m still in wimp mode and need the assistance of my trusty exercise ball, but at least I’m doing them and hopefully I’ll be able to do real ones soon.  I’m just glad no one can see me — it’s the equivalent of doing push ups on your knees.  Check out the workout video here…

The lower body workout wasn’t bad, well at least on the surface.  The first two exercises seemed pretty straightforward — some squatting stuff, easy, right?  I almost pulled several muscles getting my exercise ball into position while also picking up my 20 lb dumbbells.  That was immediately followed by the wall squat, which I decided to do for thirty seconds to prove my manhood.  Fifteen seconds into it, I had second thoughts, but I made it to thirty seconds with thighs full of acid.  After more torture to my quads with lunging and pirouettes, I got to do some ab work which felt great, at least initially.  I think that’s it for now, and I promise to do better this week with the blogging.

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  1. Wendy Mar 4th 2010

    I think you should post a video of you doing these exercises! OMG…that would be AWESOME! :o) I mean…I get a little bored seeing that guy make those pull ups look so easy. C’mon (soon-to-be)Ripped Geek…show us what pull ups REALLY look like. And I’d love to see those missionary/dog poop exercises, too. :o)

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Hey Wendy,

    As much as I know you’d love to see videos of me getting all ripped and sweaty, I don’t think I’ll be doing that any time soon. As soon as I can do pull ups as easy as the guy in the video, then I’ll think about it. Although the missionary/dog poop video might be interesting! :-) I’ll keep you posted on that one…

    Thanks for reading/watching/motivating!

  3. Wow, thanks for posting again!! I thought I was going to have to guest post my diet again!! (he says as he finishes his last bite of an egg, cheese, sausage, onion sandwich – washed down with 24oz of Diet Mt. Dew) :-)

    I’m still trying to imagine the Spiderman thing……a video is definitely required!!

  4. Hey Rob,

    I’m glad you’re relieved of your posting duties, thanks for taking over during my hiatus. I’ll work on the Spiderman video, but it will cost you $24.95…

    Keep up the healthy eating!

  5. No problem on the charge. Just make sure it looks like some sort of bike thing on my credit card!!! :-)

    Hey I just learned about Poutine. Is that on you diet?


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