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I’m just about to do my last workout of the week, which means it’s the end of week 8, the halfway point in my journey.  I said at the beginning that I would post pics at the halfway point, so I guess it’s time to put up or shut up, right?

First off, there are a few things I’m not happy about.

  • I did not get any taller
  • I think I actually got more pale
  • I think I lost armpit hair
  • I still have more love handles than I would like to have
  • My face is really distorted

With that said, I’m glad that you can actually see a difference between the two pics, otherwise I’d be pretty pissed off to work and work and avoid beer and fries and chips and not see progress.  I think the next eight weeks will show an even more improvement, and I now look forward to week 16 to see what I’ll look like then.

Thanks to everyone who has followed along on my journey so far and left comments and encouraged me to keep going.  Don’t stop now, I still have eight more weeks to go!

Week 1

Week 8

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  1. Hey, congratulations, that is quite an improvement!!!! Although your face still looks just as fuzzy!! :-)

  2. You look great and should be totally proud! :-)


  3. Thanks very much, Rob and Megg, I hope you know how much I appreciate the comments and encouragement and laughs along the way. You’ve made it fun when it wasn’t feeling so fun.

  4. Guest diet columnist:

    Breakfast: Wheat bagel with Peanut butter and butter with 24 oz of Diet Mt. Dew

    Snack: Jalepeno cheese stick and some more Diet Mt. Dew

    Lunch: Two chicken and cheese things on whole wheat tortillas (made by me and microwaved) A diet lemon white tea

    Snack a few handfulls of mixed nuts
    A few peanut M&M’s
    A handful of animal crackers
    24oz Diet Coke

    Supper: Some sort of noodles cheeze spicy thing microwaved from a bag
    Large chocolate milk – skim
    Large veggie salad
    chocolate chip cookie

    Boulevard unfiltered wheat beer
    A few handfuls of baked fish crackers

    Exercise: Commuted to work on bike (like every day)
    Ready to start a 75 minute interval workout on the bike trainer

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