Mayo and motorcycles

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I needed to get out of the office today.  The weather was nice and I remembered that I needed mayo for my sandwiches because I was tired of only having French’s Spicy Brown mustard on my turkey and swiss sandwiches.  Don’t get me wrong, the spicy brown mustard is a great condiment, but on both pieces of bread?  No, that’s a bit much — it’s got to be mayo on one piece of bread, mustard on the other.  Lovingly stack the turkey on the bread, and it’s got to be kind of wadded up so air gets in there.  If you merely lay it flat, you lose flavor and aesthetics.  Trust me — stack your meat, don’t just lay it out there.

So I headed to Target to get my mayo, it’s my destination of choice for fetching condiments because I get to drive on the highway, something I love to do.  I love driving in general, but not in stop and go traffic, so it’s great to chill out at 80 mph for a bit.  After I picked out my Duke’s Light mayo, I remembered that my son’s favorite toy motorcycle had broken beyond the abilities of Gorilla Glue, so I figured Target might have a suitable replacement.  As I was walking through the toy aisles searching for a cool toy motorcycle, a young clerk with a Flock of Seagulls haircut asked me if I needed any help.  “No, I’m just looking, thanks.”  That’s when it hit me — I must look like a fucking weirdo walking through the toy aisles carrying a plastic squirt bottle of Duke’s Light mayo.  Get the motorcycle and leave.  Quickly.

Not only did they have a suitable replacement, they had the exact same one that had broken!  Score.  But what about my other boys?  I couldn’t just bring home one motorcycle, could I?  Something in my head suggested that I get three motorcycles so nobody gets left out, and I think that was a stellar idea because all three boys loved their shiny new motorcycles and had Batman riding around on them immediately, parking at his castle for the night.

So how did that relate to working out?  Other than the mayo for my sandwiches, it didn’t, but talking about working out is getting a bit old.  I know I can’t skirt the issue, so I can tell you that week 10 has not been pleasant so far.  My week now starts on Wednesday due to my feeling not so hot last week, so I’m off by two days now.  Last night’s workout consisted of push movements and lots of them.  Lots.  Let’s just say that when I went to take off my shirt to take a shower, I had trouble getting my shirt off due to my massive arm muscles (hahahaha), which were extremely weak, too weak to remove my own damn shirt.  After you view the video, you’ll see why I was a bit weak after all of that pushing — I’m just not used to that many pushups or the other stuff that followed.

Oh, almost forgot — quick stats update…

  • Weight: 154.6 lb (70.1 kg)
  • Body fat: 20.4% (I really want to break 20% soon)

And for the hell of it, check out the Chat Roulette Piano Improv guy if you need a good, or even moderate, laugh.  I have updated the video link — apparently YouTube removed the original video because two people in the video were bitching that their privacy had been violated, so the guy had to blur their faces and repost the video.

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  1. Hey RG,

    I finally went to go check out the piano guy and the link has been removed. :( Damn…


  2. Hey Wendy,

    I fixed the link to the video — the guy had to blur out some of the faces because the people were bitching for whatever reason and YouTube removed the video. Some people just have to ruin the fun for everyone…


  3. ********* Emergency Post*******************

    OMG, 1 week and 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here’s what I ate and did Sunday…….

    Breakfast: Peanut butter and butter on a whole wheat bagel (my traditional prerace food) and 24oz of Diet Mt. Dew

    Snack: peanut butter granola bar and 12oz of water

    Did a bike race. 6 mile warm-up and a 25 mile race over a very hilly course.

    Snack: 3 peanut butter cookies (won them in a race raffle (the beer was already gone) gave the rest to my friends)

    Lunch: Mesquite chicken breast with low cheddar cheese, cut up peppers, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and a little mayo on whole wheat bread. Large chocolate milk, skim

    Snack: a couple cookies and a low-fat strawberry yogurt

    Supper: Steak on the grill. raw veggies and ranch dressing, some sort of cheesy rice thing from a box. 1 1/2 large glasses of chocolate milk, skim.

    Snack: A few Cheese-Its. A Killians

  4. Hey Rob,

    Thanks for being my guest blogger since I’ve continued my trend of being slackGeek instead of rippedGeek. I promise I’ll post tomorrow, just been busy and, well, damn lazy.

    Oh, the cheesy rice thing from a box sounds delicious! :-)

    See you tomorrow after my post…
    Ken (slackGeek)

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