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I really thought I had posted about today’s ab-only workout already, but apparently old age is already setting in and my brain is turning to the consistency of Rice Krispies.  Snap, Krackle, F*ck!  Notice how I kept it clean for the younger crowd — I never know if my nephew will be reading any of my senseless ramblings.

Instead of doing my usual bullet point listings of my menus, I’m going to describe them in the most exciting way that I can.  Of course that hides anything bad that I ate and I think that is precisely the point.  I honestly don’t remember what I had for breakfast, but considering that I slept in really late, I think that I just headed straight into lunch, which I don’t really remember either.  I know I had some cottage cheese and strawberries at some point, lots of coffee, some almonds, water, and Coke Zero.  I know for certain that I had pot roast and vegetables and a black mocha stout beer for dinner, but no dessert.  Well that beer was definitely dessert because I’ve barely had any beer in the last five weeks so any beer is a luxury for me.

Oh, I almost forgot — I did my ab-only routine tonight and it went great.  Those hip raises are getting easier, but the bicycle kicks haunt me now.  Mountain climbers and planks are starting to almost feel like a vacation by the pool, so that’s good.  I’m sure I have lots of fun in store for me next week, but at least I’ve got five weeks under my belt.

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  1. What no birthday cake? Not even a hunk of tofu with a candle stuck in it? :-)


  2. I would have eaten a piece if I had gotten one! I did splurge with some dark chocolate and dark beer this weekend, so it was all good. Then I rinsed my glass out with Amstel Light. :-)

    Hope you had a great weekend!

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