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Today is an off day, and since I didn’t blog yesterday about my workout, I’ll do that today.  Wow, that sounded pathetically boring, and I think that’s precisely how it’s going to end up because there is nothing remotely as exciting or funny as a Partial Dive Bomber in today’s workout.  It’s just lower body stuff, lots of squatting and lunging and crunching, which all might sound exciting but…no.  In fact, I was able to concentrate on an episode of Lost while I worked out, something that is hard enough to do even if you’re just sitting there eating Cheez-Its.  Mmmm, Cheez-Its.

So check out the workout, know that I didn’t eat anything bad for me yesterday or today, and am trying to improve my water intake.  I lead an exciting life, don’t I?

Oh, remember when I said there was nothing funny in the workout?  I lied, because I forgot about the High Knee Drill (the last exercise in the video).  It instantly reminded me of Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks, which I have been kind enough to embed for your own viewing pleasure and comparison.

Ministry of Silly Walks…

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  1. 5 Days no comments!!!! What am I supposed to do with me evenings? Maybe I need to start a competing site.

    Lets see…….weighed myself at 192 this morning – up from 190 on Saturday. The scale said 16% body fat, but who knows, I barely trust the weight. At 6’3″, that means my BMI is 24.0 – borderline overweight!!

    Breakfast: A 24oz diet Mt. Dew, a peanut butter and butter on a wheat bagel and half a homemade sweet roll (won a few in the bike race yesterday)

    Snack: a jalepeno cheese stick.

    Lunch: Firehouse chili from a can and a 24oz Diet Coke

    Snack: A couple more Jalepeno cheese sticks

    Snack: A bunch of peanut M&M’s from my admin’s dispenser

    Snack: (Hey, I was really hungry) a granola bar (probably drank another 24oz Diet Coke)

    Supper: two big helpings of Cube steak and baked potatoes with mushroom soup gravy and a large skim Chocolate milk ( I shamed my wife into making a meal that didn’t come pre-made from a bag.)

    Snack: One beer (so far) and I’m gonna eat the rest of that sweet roll

    Haven’t worked out yet, but I might. Daughter took a video from Sunday’s roller race, might post that sometime.

    Over to you Furm-dude!! :-)

  2. Hey Rob,

    Thanks for your throughly detailed analysis of your diet — I could almost taste the jalapeno cheese stick! :-)

    I’ll be posting tomorrow with this week’s workout, stats from today, but nothing close to the details that you provided tonight. Can you please supply a picture of your urine so I can make sure you’re properly hydrated? :-)

    Look for the new post tomorrow…

  3. In lieu of sending a picture of my urine, please just mix a can of diet coke and a can of Mt Dew….that’s pretty much what it normally looks like!! :-)

  4. Yeah, mine pretty much looks like coffee mixed with Diet Dr. Pepper! :-)

  5. Tuesday’s Log:

    Weighed 193 this morning.

    Breakfast: At a peanut butter and butter on wheat bagel and a 24oz Diet Mt. Dew and half the remaining sweet roll with butter.

    (1st day of a 2 day event in out HR building, so abnormal diet)

    16oz diet coke

    Didn’t eat any of the sweet rolls or bagels

    Lunch: A couple chicken burritos with the works. A bunch of chips with cheese and refried beans.

    16oz Diet lemon tea (because SOMEONE thinks I drink too much soda)

    Didn’t eat any of the afternoon cookies

    8 oz of diet Mt. Dew (I found 1/2 a one in my refrigerator at work)

    Big cup of mixed nuts

    Supper: A couple plates of left-overs. Some noodle and chicken thing and a steak and potato thing.

    A couple cookies

    A WATER at the basketball game

    Stole some of my daughter’s popcorn at the basketball game

    A few handfuls of fish crackers

    Blue Moon Full Moon Ale

  6. The big question is…did you get any taller? :-)

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