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I finished my ab-only workout and was sitting here drinking some delicious water, because supposedly that’s what in-shape people drink.  I really want a beer, but it’s past 11:30 pm and I need to go to bed soon, and I don’t think it’s good to be drinking those empty calories, especially this late.  What the hell are empty calories anyway, and why can’t I have some?  Are you trying to tell me that man cannot live on beer alone?

So today was pretty uneventful as far as the workout and diet went.  The ab-only stuff was good and let me know that I do indeed still have abs and they do react to being worked.  Those hip raises are getting easier, and I still don’t enjoy the second set of bicycle kicks.  I laugh at 35-second planks, but the 60-second variety on regular workout days laugh right back at me.

The only deviation from my diet was that I had a grilled chicken sandwich with swiss cheese and a side of broccoli at Applebee’s while having lunch with a former co-worker.  Lunch sounded like this – nom nom nom nom.

Now move along, there’s nothing to see here…

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