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I found some new muscles today.  I don’t really know what you call them, but at the moment I’d call them the pretty damn sore muscles in the front of my shoulders and the pretty damn sore muscles in my thighs.  I always thought my thighs were pretty strong and didn’t need much work until a little while ago.  This whole working out thing really exposes your weaknesses.  Oh yeah, that’s the point, right?

So this is the start of week 6 and I have a few stats for anyone interested in not seeing much of a change.  Just move along, nothing to see here…


  • Weight: 156.2 lb (70.9 kg), a slight loss
  • Body fat: 20.9%

As far as my eating went today, it wasn’t too exciting — for breakfast I had scrambled eggs, a banana, and coffee.  Snack was almonds & a Diet Dr. Pepper, followed quickly by a turkey and cheese on multi-grain bread and an apple for lunch. Snack was a handful of almonds, then I sort of raced home for leftover spicy Chinese food, no rice, and water for dinner.  During my workout, I had a “snack” of ~25g whey protein in 8 oz of milk and lots of water.

I really need to workout earlier in the day because starting it late in the evening is just not a good idea.  Someone suggested getting up bright and early at 6:00 am and “just getting it done” and I think I told them that I’m not a morning person at all and it probably wasn’t going to happen.  So that leaves me lunch, which is much more palatable to me because I’m actually awake at that time.

Here’s a video of this week’s workout for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but I have some comments before you watch.  The “explosive” push ups do indeed make you feel like you’re going to explode, the split squat jump or whatever he calls them hurt like hell at about number 36, my pull-ups need a lot of work, and he’s really concentrating on shoulders and they burned like someone was experimenting on me when I was finished.  All in all, I can honestly say that I’m glad I finished, but I would rather have drank beer on the couch while watching The Biggest Loser.

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  1. I needed a nap halfway through the video!!!

  2. Haha, were you bored or too tired to keep watching?

  3. Tired! You need to include some measurements in addition to weight. I suspect you are dropping fat even though you aren’t losing a lot of weight. Can you see the difference?

  4. Unfortunately, I did not take measurements before I started and I really wish I had. I did take a before picture, and if all goes well over the next 2.5 weeks, I might post a halfway pic along with the before pic. I think I can see a difference, but the jury is still out on whether or not any pics will be posted…

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