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I watched Lost tonight while I did my ab-only routine (I don’t think I have that outlined anywhere except in an early post from last week, and I’m really too lazy to go find it right now.  So maybe go to week 4 and find the workout routine from there and it’s at the end of the PDF.  Go ahead and look, I’ll wait).  So, yeah, I did that and it was good, the abs feel great and exercised, and I’m sure you’re glad to hear that.  And Lost still is an awesome and confusing show.

I’m rambling, I can’t really remember what I ate, but I do remember that I was disciplined and had a turkey sandwich for breakfast, an apple for snack, a steak and cheese quesadilla and a few chips for lunch, but I’m not sure about dinner.  I think it was pork but I could be mistaken, or maybe that was the night before.

I think I’m done here, the rambling is clearly going nowhere, so I’ll hit the Publish button and call it a day.

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