Heart day

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So today was Valentine’s Day and my day off from exercising, and I guess it was also a day off from common sense because I had one or four pieces of dark chocolate today.  Can you believe I got so reckless?  I know dark chocolate is supposed to be better for you and even provide some sort of health benefits, but I’m too lazy to look it up right now.  Isn’t that sorry that I’m too lazy to click on the new tab button, type in “dark chocolate health benefits” and then press Enter?  Hell, I just did the search without actually doing it and I still don’t know the health benefits of dark chocolate.

I ate a decent breakfast — eggs and bacon and strawberries, and lots of coffee made with the usual Splenda and half and half.  Yeah yeah, I know.  I don’t think I really ate lunch, but I played with my boys a lot and relaxed and had a great day, then had some spicy Chinese food and splurged with fried rice and an Amstel Light.  I know I’m going kinda crazy with the diet over the last two days, but week 6 is going to be much more disciplined, or at least that’s my intention.

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