Gluttony weekend

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Please help me remember that when the workout schedule says, “Saturday – rest.  Sunday – rest,” that does not mean, “Saturday – rest, eat whatever the hell you want, drink beer.  Sunday – rest, eat whatever the hell you want, drink beer.”  I really wasn’t that bad, but I also didn’t hesitate to eat the oatmeal chocolate chip ball thingy, some Girl Scout Thin Mints (only 2 or 3, I swear), a few sugar cookies that the boys insisted I eat after they baked them, and to drink more black mocha stouts.  I honestly didn’t feel all that great after I ate those things, so that’s good and I learned that just a little here and there is ok so you don’t deny yourself the taste of something as wonderful as Cheez-Its.  Thanks to my faithful readers for providing me with reminders of Cheez-Its and even some Cheez-It porn, it’s much appreciated.

I thought after the weekend of gluttony, that I would probably gain weight, because I really felt like I had.  But after another week, here are my stats after this morning’s weigh-in:

  • Weight: 156.6 lb (71 kg), a slight gain
  • Body fat: 20.9%

I was hoping for a little change, but I guess it’s ok that I stayed the same — hopefully I lost some more fat and gained a little muscle.  I do feel stronger and my clothes are fitting better, so that’s good, right?  Just say yes.

My diet was fine today, I’m just getting tired of posting every little morsel that I eat and drink.  I was good, I swear.

This week’s workout didn’t seem as bad as last week’s, at least the upper body portion of it.  The most interesting exercise was the first, and newest, one — The Partial Dive Bomber. I’m sorry, but it looked like I was at a casting call for a really bad porn movie, with the director constantly yelling, “Cut! Cut! No, you’re doing it all wrong.  No, it doesn’t go there!”  After that, things got a lot more normal, and I got to try out my new Perfect Pullup bar for the chin-up portion of the workout, even though I had to be assisted by a workout ball.  Awesome — I looked weak and stupid at the same time, just the look I’m going for.

Don’t take my word for it, though, check it out below — and stop laughing as you think about my porn movie casting call.

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  1. I’ll post something encouraging tomorrow…

    For now, I’m just laughing really really hard.


  2. I’m glad I could provide some comic relief! Believe me, those Partial Dive Bombers are harder than they look and I can’t wait for the Full Dive Bombers. Lord help me.

  3. Hey, I found a stuffed animal doing the same move!

  4. Haha, that’s funny, Rob! It’s almost as erotic as the partial dive bomber!

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