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Cheez-Its are amazing.  They are clearly the superior cheesy snack cracker, making the Cheese Nip seem like a Bud Light after drinking a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.  It’s not even close folks, so don’t waste your time trying to convince me that any other square, cheesy cracker offers the same joy as that of a Cheez-It.  Even one Cheez-It is enough.  Well, almost.

Just when you thought that Cheez-Its couldn’t be beat, what did they do?  They invented the White Cheddar Cheez-It!  Have you had these? OMG, they are incredible, and I really think I could rub that white cheddar goodness on just about anything to make it taste infinitely better.

As you might imagine, I had some Cheez-Its today, and I’m damn glad I did.  I even discussed their finer qualities with a friend of mine, that’s how obsessed I am with them.  Do they make t-shirts?  Flannel pajama pants?  If not, they should, and right now.

I need to snap back to reality instead of my Cheez-It fantasy world, I need to be in the place of where I am attempting to get ripped instead of trying to undo my progress by laying on a bed of Cheez-Its.

Yeah, so breakfast was a turkey sandwich and an apple — yes, I had a sandwich for breakfast because I had to rush out the door and it was all I had at work.  I had a snack of almonds and a Diet Dr. Pepper, and for lunch I had an apple and another turkey sandwich, the excitement of which was dampened by my earlier turkey sandwich.  I had another apple with some peanut butter for a snack, and dinner was microwaved leftover moo goo gai pan.  Did I spell that correctly?  I’m too lazy to Google it, so that spelling will have to stay.  Oh yeah, I had a handful of Cheez-Its, too.

My workout, a repeat of Monday’s workout, went pretty well.  I increased some reps on my shoulder presses, but my quads & shoulders were still burning like they were injected with Cheez-It powder.  And I found out that those newfound muscles still exist.

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