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Well tomorrow is the big day, and since I have made my plans public, I have exactly the motivation that I need to keep going — as I said before, there’s nothing like public humiliation to keep you going, is there?

But seriously, it feeds my personality because I love competition and proving to people that I can accomplish what I set out to do.  I don’t know why I can’t push myself as hard as I always  need to, so I’m going to rely on others to push me the way I need to be pushed.

It’s already working — my neighbor Mark is abusing me on Twitter, asking me if I’m ripped yet.  I have one or two more followers out on Twitter who are going to monitor my progress, and hopefully that number will swell into the tens of followers.  I have a few friends at work who are also following along and have no problem calling me a wimp if I don’t work out.  These are the things I need — sharp tongues and sharper wit, to egg me on and to call me out when necessary.

I’m going to follow a planned workout regimen and I’m going to plan out my meals for the most part because that’s how I operate best.  My hope is that this will become part of the way that I live my life, that I will feel weird not working out, that I won’t crave crappy foods, and that I’ll have tons of energy and possibly even be ripped.

This I can promise you — I will still drink some beer, I’ll still puss up my coffee in the morning, and I will not be posting any “before” pictures until “after”.  I might be a dumb ass for starting this whole blogging process, but I’m not that dumb!

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