The birth of rippedGeek

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I am a geek.  Well, I have a geeky job, but that is the extent of my geekdom.  If you met me on the street, you’d probably think, “Wow, there is no way that guy is a geek.  He’s so funny, he’s pretty cool, he has good taste in music, and he sure knows his beer.”  Yes, but, that’s not the point.

I’m not ripped, that’s the point.  Well, I’m not in horrible shape, but I’m also not in great shape, either.  And that’s what I want to be — in great shape.  I’ve been in pretty good shape before, I’ve always been pretty healthy, but right now I think you would classify me somewhere between average and sort of doughy.  Soft in some parts, especially around the middle.  My legs are okay, my arms (well, my forearms) are okay, but my midsection is in need of some serious help.

That’s where rippedGeek comes in — I figured that if I started a blog about my quest to get into good shape, and hopefully even get ripped, that it would give me the motivation to keep going since it would all be public.  Yes, what better motivation is there than public humiliation to keep you going, right?

So I’m going to post my workout regimen, my diet, everything, and my hope is that at the end of sixteen weeks, I will be in great shape.  Sixteen weeks isn’t that long, and I’ve been screwing around for forty-four years now, so I should be able to do it.

I think I have every excuse not to do it, and I also figured that if I could overcome the excuses, then anyone could do it.  Here’s why I shouldn’t succeed, but I don’t want these to make me fail:

  • I’m a geek (well, I have a pretty demanding, full-time job)
  • I’m almost 45-years old
  • I have three young boys
  • I have a house to maintain
  • I get home fairly late
  • It’s cold right now
  • I don’t have lots of equipment or a gym membership
  • I am tired
  • I like beer

Sound familiar?  I’ve used them all, especially the beer excuse, but I also complain about not being great shape, so I can either give in to the excuses, or push them away and make this a priority.  That’s one thing that my brother once told me that has always stuck with me…”You always have time for the things that you make a priority.”  This is going to be one of my priorities, so wish me luck and I hope you follow along as I learn, stumble, and get ripped.

I’ll post more this weekend about my plans, because the fun starts Monday, January 11, 2010.  Hey, that gives me time for a beer…

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