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Stats at the beginning of week 3

  • Weight: 157.8 lb (71.6 kg), not much of a loss this past week
  • Body fat: 21.3%, 0.1% loss
  • BMI: 24

I guess last week’s 4-pound weight loss set up this week’s 0.2 lb weight loss, which could be attributable to a lot of things that I won’t go into here.  Yeah, just use your imagination…

The good news is that toward the end of the week, I could tell that things were getting easier for me, so I really felt good about that.  Until I peeked at this week’s workout — go ahead, check it out — as I write this, my entire core is screaming, “What we have here is failure to communicate!”  The “best” part is that the sets got five seconds longer and I’m lucky enough to get to do my sprints right after the regular workout! When I read that I almost jumped up and down, but I couldn’t because my thighs wouldn’t allow it.


  • Ham and cheese omelet
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup coffee


  • 1/4 cup almonds
  • water


  • Turkey wrap with havarti cheese, lettuce, and tomato
  • water


  • 1/4 cub peanuts
  • Diet Dr. Pepper


  • Small taco salad — lettuce, cucumber, taco beef, cheese
  • water


  • Cottage cheese with pineapple
  • water

Good night sports fans, I’m off for the night.

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  1. Hey Ripped Geek,

    Quit your dang whining! Uh…well…I typed too soon! I just looked at Week 3’s workout. Elevated Pushup? NO THANK YOU! That would be a definite face-plant for me! I MIGHT could do it if I put a pillow on the floor in case my arms start quivering and the ball gets away from me right before I go splat!

    Oh well…that’s the fitness routine you chose, so man up, Ripped Geek! :o)

    Just giving you a hard time. Keep up the great work and the funny blog. You have a much better online personality than you do in reality. :o)


  2. Hey Wendy,

    This workout is for somewhat sane people, not for people who ride their bikes 750 miles through Colorado and Kansas when a perfectly good car would do. Oh, and I might just have to bring my exercise ball into work so I can witness you doing a face plant! :-)


  3. Very funny, Ripped Geek. Just leave your ball at home. :)

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