Week 13, Part Deux

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It’s been forever and a day since I last posted, but you can be sure that I have been keeping up with the workouts.  As we left off after the last post, the rippedGeek was busy with work and dizziness, and both have subsided since then.  Work is now just work instead of feeling like one of those guys who got stuck building pyramids in Egypt — except I was the guy at the heavy end of one of those large blocks being pushed up the ramp, not the guy saying, “You there, push a bit harder, please.”

The dizziness eventually went away, which was a relief that it was most likely some anomaly involving my inner ear instead of something more serious like a stroke or a Bret Michaels-like bleed out at my brain stem.  I’ll take inner ear problems any day over my brain bleeding.

Which brings me to week 13.  Ah, the dreaded week 13.  I had completed two of the three workouts of that week, but completing the third one seemed impossible to me for some reason so I decided to just start over and complete it like a man instead of wimping out and moving on to week 14 like I really wanted to.  The workout was a circuit training workout and it was what you might call kind of punishing at times.  Twelve exercises in a row for 45 seconds, repeat for 30 seconds, then again for 20 seconds.  The 45 and 30 second durations seemed forever while I was doing them, and the whole thing was quite an ordeal instead of the “yeah, this is tough but not horrible” experience that I usually have.

Since I haven’t posted any stats for a while, here is what I charted yesterday:

  • Weight – 154.6 lb (70.1 kg)
  • Body fat – 20.5%
  • BMI – 23.5

That’s not bad, because I had actually gained some weight since my last stats posting, ballooning up to 157 lb and close to 20.8 or 20.9% body fat.  Maybe it was all the crap I was eating or the beer I was drinking while I was nursing my inner ear, but it was starting to look like the party was over for me, as far as actually being able to post good numbers was concerned.

Check out the week 13 workout video below and you’ll see why it was such a chore for me to complete.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot that I am now able to do 5 or 6 chin ups without any assistance, but the pull ups still leave quite a bit to be desired because I can only do 2 or 3 of those.  My goal is 5 of those for now, I’ll worry about 10 later.


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Week 13 wasn’t very kind to me at all.  Work and dizziness kept me out of the workout business, and obviously the blogging business as well.  First the work excuse — as you all know, or maybe you don’t — I work in the glamorous world of writing income tax e-filing software.  I know, I know, you’re totally jealous because other than rock stars and movie stars, it’s us, the unsung heroes that write tax software that get all the women.  And don’t forget, I don’t even design user interfaces, it’s all data, baby.  All data.  Um, yeah.  So it’s mid-April and I’m kinda busy, enough about that.

And then there was the dizziness.  Oh, the dizziness.  One morning about a week ago, I woke up as I normally do in the morning.  Eyes open?  Check.  Sit up?  Check.  Stand up?  Whoa.  The room started spinning, but not like those times in college when you get really drunk and you laid down and it felt like you were on the Tilt-A-Whirl.  No, this was like the room was spinning around the x-axis, not the y-axis.  It was really weird and I literally almost fell over.  I made it back to my bed to get my bearings straight, then sat up and the same thing happened again.  I was finally able to sit up and make it through the day, but it did not help my workouts at all and I decided to take it easy so I didn’t strain and rupture something in my brain.

I worked out two days later, and got the same dizzy feeling during and after I did my dumbbell bench presses on the exercise ball.  The bottom line is that I only did two of the three workouts for week 13 and I haven’t started week 14 yet because of this whole end of tax season work thing.  So I’ve decided to do week 13 over again, and do it properly this time, and hopefully the dizziness won’t be a factor even though I’ve still had occasional episodes over the last week.

The good news is that I was able to do almost five legitimate chin ups and my weight is still right around 155 lb, so you can rest easy knowing those things and hopefully that will give you the drive and inspiration you need to get through the rest of your day.  And if you’re too young to know what the Tilt-A-Whirl is, I was kind enough to include this video clip to enrich your life just a little more.


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I think this is the first time that I’ve had a haiku written in reference to me, and I must admit that I laughed out loud, especially at the Twitter hash tag.  Obviously I’m not blogging enough, because this is what Rob McKillip wrote about me on Twitter tonight…

Ripped Geek used to blog
beer instead of exercise
A ripped geek no more

And the #RippedGhaiku hash tag was icing on the cake.  Very well done, Rob!

Okay, so I’m definitely guilty of not being a good blogger lately, but I have been doing all of the workouts and have improved on my diet since my last post.  Well, for the most part.  Easter gets me every time, how on Earth can I resist all of that damn chocolate?  And of course there’s the Easter Poker game with the neighborhood guys that also comes with beer.  You mean you don’t do that?  Well I usually drink about 6 or 7 beers during a typical game, but this time I only drank 3, so you can see the improvements I’m making in that department.

I haven’t weighed in a while, I think I’m afraid to at this point.  But I know I need to so I can make any necessary adjustments, so that will be in my next blog post, which will be sooner than 5 days and 22 hours from now.

Here was the week 12 workout, nothing much different from week 11 and I can safely say that I don’t really like circuit training — it’s so tiring.  :-)  Oh, and I still completely suck at pull ups, but I vow to keep at it until I can do 5 of them.  After that, I’ll shoot for 10.  While you’re waiting for that, which may be a while, check out the week 12 video while I prepare for week 13…

Just for Rob McKillip

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So I finished week 10 with no posts to commemorate the event, probably because I couldn’t move my arms.  That’s right, for the better part of four days I couldn’t straighten out my arms due to the beating they took during the last workout of week 10.  It was the pulling workout, where all you do is, well, pull.  I was supposed to pull myself up by first doing pull ups, then again doing chin ups, then there was some other pulling movement involved, but I really can’t remember what it was at this point because it really doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I thought my arms would never straighten out without pain, but they eventually did.  Good thing, because I kinda need my arms to reach for stuff.

Even though I was able to take a few days off before week 11 started, I really couldn’t muster up the energy to blog about my painful experience.  That is, not until Rob McKillip peppered my blog with comments, becoming a guest blogger on rippedGeek in the process.  Oh, and then there were the subtle taunts on Twitter.  :-) You win, Rob, I’m blogging again and it really is a good thing because I ended up getting cocky and thinking I could eat like a certain Iowan cyclist — in the process I gained three pounds and a small percentage of body fat! Even though I was doing the workouts, I obviously let the eating part of it slip, but I promise I really wasn’t that bad.  A few beers here, some red beans and rice and a wedge of German Chocolate cake there, and the next thing I knew I was on the road to Fatville again.  So thanks for kicking me in the ass about my pitiful blogging record, because it showed that I was being lazy in more ways than one.

I finished week 11, which was another week of pushing, lower body, and pulling workouts, and I can say that I truly suck at the pulling part of it.  Instead of actually pulling my body up, I’m doing negatives, which is a technical term for struggling not to fall.  It does work you out and make your body hurt from the waist up, but that’s no consolation that I still suck at pull ups and chin ups.

Here are week 11’s workout videos, enjoy and imagine me struggling not to fall.

And thanks to Rob for mocking my blogging skills, I promise to do better during week 12.  :-)

Mayo and motorcycles

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I needed to get out of the office today.  The weather was nice and I remembered that I needed mayo for my sandwiches because I was tired of only having French’s Spicy Brown mustard on my turkey and swiss sandwiches.  Don’t get me wrong, the spicy brown mustard is a great condiment, but on both pieces of bread?  No, that’s a bit much — it’s got to be mayo on one piece of bread, mustard on the other.  Lovingly stack the turkey on the bread, and it’s got to be kind of wadded up so air gets in there.  If you merely lay it flat, you lose flavor and aesthetics.  Trust me — stack your meat, don’t just lay it out there.

So I headed to Target to get my mayo, it’s my destination of choice for fetching condiments because I get to drive on the highway, something I love to do.  I love driving in general, but not in stop and go traffic, so it’s great to chill out at 80 mph for a bit.  After I picked out my Duke’s Light mayo, I remembered that my son’s favorite toy motorcycle had broken beyond the abilities of Gorilla Glue, so I figured Target might have a suitable replacement.  As I was walking through the toy aisles searching for a cool toy motorcycle, a young clerk with a Flock of Seagulls haircut asked me if I needed any help.  “No, I’m just looking, thanks.”  That’s when it hit me — I must look like a fucking weirdo walking through the toy aisles carrying a plastic squirt bottle of Duke’s Light mayo.  Get the motorcycle and leave.  Quickly.

Not only did they have a suitable replacement, they had the exact same one that had broken!  Score.  But what about my other boys?  I couldn’t just bring home one motorcycle, could I?  Something in my head suggested that I get three motorcycles so nobody gets left out, and I think that was a stellar idea because all three boys loved their shiny new motorcycles and had Batman riding around on them immediately, parking at his castle for the night.

So how did that relate to working out?  Other than the mayo for my sandwiches, it didn’t, but talking about working out is getting a bit old.  I know I can’t skirt the issue, so I can tell you that week 10 has not been pleasant so far.  My week now starts on Wednesday due to my feeling not so hot last week, so I’m off by two days now.  Last night’s workout consisted of push movements and lots of them.  Lots.  Let’s just say that when I went to take off my shirt to take a shower, I had trouble getting my shirt off due to my massive arm muscles (hahahaha), which were extremely weak, too weak to remove my own damn shirt.  After you view the video, you’ll see why I was a bit weak after all of that pushing — I’m just not used to that many pushups or the other stuff that followed.

Oh, almost forgot — quick stats update…

  • Weight: 154.6 lb (70.1 kg)
  • Body fat: 20.4% (I really want to break 20% soon)

And for the hell of it, check out the Chat Roulette Piano Improv guy if you need a good, or even moderate, laugh.  I have updated the video link — apparently YouTube removed the original video because two people in the video were bitching that their privacy had been violated, so the guy had to blur their faces and repost the video.

Jury duty

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I know, I know, I’m back to my old habit of slackness when it comes to keeping up with my blogging.  But I have an excuse, I swear.  First off, last Friday was my last workout of the week so I had Saturday and Sunday off.  Unfortunately, on Sunday night I got absolutely no sleep due to factors beyond my control, and on Monday morning I had to report for my first-ever trip to jury duty.  It was boring as hell to just sit there and wait, but I was lucky enough to get chatted up by a semi-smelly man who also used to live in Virginia.  Why I volunteered that information, I’ll never know.  I guess I was trying to be nice and I guess I learned my lesson about that.

Needless to say, on Monday night I was absolutely exhausted and I knew there was no way I was going to be able to work out.  Oh, and did I mention that I was also having lots of sinus problems to add to my misery?  Well yeah, there was that, too.  I didn’t have to report to jury duty until later on Tuesday, so I went to bed early and slept in, getting almost ten hours of sleep.

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to get chosen for a jury, a drug trafficking case that started off very boring.  Where was the excitement?  Where were the objections?  I got crickets, but it was still interesting to see the system work from the inside.  When I got home Tuesday night, I was still too worn out to work out, my sinuses and lack of sleep still taking their toll on me.

I got a decent night of sleep on Tuesday, but not great — rain and thoughts kept me awake during the last hour of what was supposed to be sleep.  When I woke up this morning, I was looking forward to the trial and hopefully get to deliberate, and I got my wish.  The verdict?  Not guilty.  After getting home, getting the kids to bed, eating, and doing some chores, I knew I couldn’t skip another day of working out so I took a peek at the Week 9 workout and couldn’t help but laugh — yep, another porn movie audition to start off the week.  You’d think I’d be a professional porn star by now, but um…uh…yeah…uh huh…that.

Alrighty then, that was awkward, so check out this week’s upper body video and imagine me doing my Hindu Pushups like a mad man…

Warning: this post was not proofread at all because I’m going to bed now.


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I’m just about to do my last workout of the week, which means it’s the end of week 8, the halfway point in my journey.  I said at the beginning that I would post pics at the halfway point, so I guess it’s time to put up or shut up, right?

First off, there are a few things I’m not happy about.

  • I did not get any taller
  • I think I actually got more pale
  • I think I lost armpit hair
  • I still have more love handles than I would like to have
  • My face is really distorted

With that said, I’m glad that you can actually see a difference between the two pics, otherwise I’d be pretty pissed off to work and work and avoid beer and fries and chips and not see progress.  I think the next eight weeks will show an even more improvement, and I now look forward to week 16 to see what I’ll look like then.

Thanks to everyone who has followed along on my journey so far and left comments and encouraged me to keep going.  Don’t stop now, I still have eight more weeks to go!

Week 1

Week 8


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I didn’t realize just how slack I have been in my posting until faithful reader Rob made me aware that it’s been five days since I posted, and he reminded me a day ago.  To perpetuate my slackness, I’ll do my best to summarize the past six days in as few words as possible.

The good news is that I did everything in last week’s workout except for one of the intervals, which means I worked my upper body on Monday and Thursday, and my lower body on Tuesday and Friday.  OK, I lied — I actually did my second lower body workout on Saturday because something was going on on Friday, either working late or something that prevented me from really working out.  The one thing I found out by doing that — try to follow the damn schedule, it’s there for a reason.  My legs were sore on Sunday and a little into Monday, and I would have preferred to have the whole weekend to rest.

As far as last week’s diet went, I was good except for two beers on Friday night and one on Saturday.  Other than that, I’ve been eating good meals, not snacking on crap, but I actually have been skipping some healthy snacks, which I don’t like doing.  So this week I’m going to concentrate on sticking with healthy snacks of fruit and nuts, and increasing my water intake, which is always a problem for me.

Oh yes, I have new stats for the start of week 8, so let me get right to that…

  • Weight: 156.0 lb (70.8 kg), a slight loss
  • Body fat: 20.8%, a slight loss

I think my love handles are smaller, but I’m not 100% sure.  Another 8.5 weeks will tell, right?

For this week’s workouts, it’s again broken into two separate categories — upper body on Monday and Thursday, lower body on Tuesday and Friday.  I’ll be doing my best to follow the schedule so I’m fully recovered for week 9.

This week’s upper body workout featured another porn movie audition move called the Spiderman Pushup.  The best way I can describe it is imagine yourself fully engaged in the missionary position while simultaneously trying to wipe dog poop off your shoes.  Let’s not split hairs and ask why you’d have dog pooped shoes on while “fully engaged”, just humor me.  Other than that gem of an exercise, the rest of the moves were pretty normal and not terrible except for the damn pull ups.  I’m still in wimp mode and need the assistance of my trusty exercise ball, but at least I’m doing them and hopefully I’ll be able to do real ones soon.  I’m just glad no one can see me — it’s the equivalent of doing push ups on your knees.  Check out the workout video here…

The lower body workout wasn’t bad, well at least on the surface.  The first two exercises seemed pretty straightforward — some squatting stuff, easy, right?  I almost pulled several muscles getting my exercise ball into position while also picking up my 20 lb dumbbells.  That was immediately followed by the wall squat, which I decided to do for thirty seconds to prove my manhood.  Fifteen seconds into it, I had second thoughts, but I made it to thirty seconds with thighs full of acid.  After more torture to my quads with lunging and pirouettes, I got to do some ab work which felt great, at least initially.  I think that’s it for now, and I promise to do better this week with the blogging.


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Today is an off day, and since I didn’t blog yesterday about my workout, I’ll do that today.  Wow, that sounded pathetically boring, and I think that’s precisely how it’s going to end up because there is nothing remotely as exciting or funny as a Partial Dive Bomber in today’s workout.  It’s just lower body stuff, lots of squatting and lunging and crunching, which all might sound exciting but…no.  In fact, I was able to concentrate on an episode of Lost while I worked out, something that is hard enough to do even if you’re just sitting there eating Cheez-Its.  Mmmm, Cheez-Its.

So check out the workout, know that I didn’t eat anything bad for me yesterday or today, and am trying to improve my water intake.  I lead an exciting life, don’t I?

Oh, remember when I said there was nothing funny in the workout?  I lied, because I forgot about the High Knee Drill (the last exercise in the video).  It instantly reminded me of Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks, which I have been kind enough to embed for your own viewing pleasure and comparison.

Ministry of Silly Walks…

Gluttony weekend

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Please help me remember that when the workout schedule says, “Saturday – rest.  Sunday – rest,” that does not mean, “Saturday – rest, eat whatever the hell you want, drink beer.  Sunday – rest, eat whatever the hell you want, drink beer.”  I really wasn’t that bad, but I also didn’t hesitate to eat the oatmeal chocolate chip ball thingy, some Girl Scout Thin Mints (only 2 or 3, I swear), a few sugar cookies that the boys insisted I eat after they baked them, and to drink more black mocha stouts.  I honestly didn’t feel all that great after I ate those things, so that’s good and I learned that just a little here and there is ok so you don’t deny yourself the taste of something as wonderful as Cheez-Its.  Thanks to my faithful readers for providing me with reminders of Cheez-Its and even some Cheez-It porn, it’s much appreciated.

I thought after the weekend of gluttony, that I would probably gain weight, because I really felt like I had.  But after another week, here are my stats after this morning’s weigh-in:

  • Weight: 156.6 lb (71 kg), a slight gain
  • Body fat: 20.9%

I was hoping for a little change, but I guess it’s ok that I stayed the same — hopefully I lost some more fat and gained a little muscle.  I do feel stronger and my clothes are fitting better, so that’s good, right?  Just say yes.

My diet was fine today, I’m just getting tired of posting every little morsel that I eat and drink.  I was good, I swear.

This week’s workout didn’t seem as bad as last week’s, at least the upper body portion of it.  The most interesting exercise was the first, and newest, one — The Partial Dive Bomber. I’m sorry, but it looked like I was at a casting call for a really bad porn movie, with the director constantly yelling, “Cut! Cut! No, you’re doing it all wrong.  No, it doesn’t go there!”  After that, things got a lot more normal, and I got to try out my new Perfect Pullup bar for the chin-up portion of the workout, even though I had to be assisted by a workout ball.  Awesome — I looked weak and stupid at the same time, just the look I’m going for.

Don’t take my word for it, though, check it out below — and stop laughing as you think about my porn movie casting call.